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Affiliate Marketing for the Fractal Brush Pack

What are Fractal brushes? Check out the video below


We are looking for affiliates to help spread out the word about our Fractal brushes. 

We are very proud of our latest brushes, as they possess a remarkable level of detail and power, which enables the creation of stunning artworks. Their beauty stems from the intricate mathematical formations found in nature, providing endless possibilities for the creation of abstract art and ensuring that your screen saver will never be dull again! Furthermore, the potential applications for these brushes extend far beyond just art, as they are also ideal for product design.


If this opportunity interests you, we would love to hear from you!


You will receive 40% on all affiliate sales. 


Transparent communication and support. The team will help you and answer questions you might have.


We operate our business with high ethical standards and expect the same from our affiliates. We sell our products to provide value. There are a few rules to follow to become our affiliates and we reserve the right to end affiliate partnership at any time and or if any of these rules are broken the partnership will be terminated.

  1. You must always disclose affiliate links. 

  2. You must comply with advertisements regulations

  3. No spam tactics allowed as sales tactics. Or anything that might negatively impact the brand.

  4. Your sales must not be responsible for 2 or more refunds unless your refund rate is below 5%.

  5. Your advertisement may not interfere with our sales efforts.

  6. We expect you not bring any negativity to the brand/brushes and be polite and ethical in communication with our customers.


Right now our affiliate program is invite-only. However, if you think you would be a good fit feel free to apply and we will take a look at it.

Becoming our affiliate is simple. Go to the website: and fill out the form and let us know your plan to sell the brushes and your following/reach. To become an affiliate you have to create/have a Gumroad account, this is so Gumroad can pay you for your sales.

Gumroad pays creators and affiliates every other Friday. Affiliates can log in to their Gumroad account and go to ‘Payouts Dashboard’ to see how much money they have earned each payout period. If an affiliate is also a Gumroad creator the commission will be added to their total sales.


If you want to learn more about the Fractal Brushes check out the Fractal Page

Featured Art

Try them out for yourself and create art like this in seconds

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