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Hey Guys!

I created a video explaining the Impossible Brush Pack. Or well.. I at least tried my best to explain.. These brushes have a mind of their own as you can see in this video.

Affiliate Program

If you have a following and would like to gain commission for selling the impossible brushes. Then you can sign up using the button below and gain 20% of every sale of the impossible brush for people using your link.

How to Install Brushes from Gumroad

Procreate has added support for 3D drawing. This is pretty awesome! Plus the addition of Augmented Reality. Check out this video to see what the 3D features are all about.

Release Date:

Procreate has been officially released on the App Store. Make sure to back up your artworks before updating.

Release Notes - What has changed?

We talked about it in another post 👉 Click here to learn more

Here's the link to my video about Procreate 5.2:

In the new closed beta version of Procreate 5.2. they have added support for 3D drawing. This is pretty awesome! Plus the addition of lighting studio, Augmented Reality, Pages, and so much more.

Release Date?

Procreate 5.2 has been officially released. Make sure to back up your artworks before you update Procreate.

Update Notes:

Introducing 3D Painting, Stroke Stabilization, Page Assist, a host of accessibility features and more. To begin download 3D models from the “What’s New” option within the Gallery.

• iPadOS 15 memory updates

iPad Pros with 6GB of RAM or more can now take advantage of the extra memory and create even more layers and even bigger resolutions. Compatible iPads can now create canvas sizes up to 16k by 8k, and make hundreds more layers for animation.

• 3D Painting

Paint gorgeously detailed 3D models for game assets, industrial design, or fun. Paint directly on OBJ and USD models with all your favorite brushes, QuickShape, image filters, and more.

Lighting Studio

Finish your 3D model with beautiful lighting. Use up to four customizable full color light sources to really make your work shine. Then place your object into any of the 11 natural and artificial lighting environments, ranging from Nightlife to Daytime and anywhere in-between, to simulate that perfect atmosphere.

View in AR

Bring your 3D painting into the real world using AR. Perfect for client presentations, or just wowing your friends. To do this go to Gallery, tap Actions > 3D > View in AR.

• Material brushes

Add reflectivity, shine and velvet to your brushes to replicate real world materials when painting in 3D. Explore entirely new effects with precise control over intensity and textures.

• 3D Animated Export

Share your 3D creations quickly and easily as you bring them to life by displaying every angle in an animated video using full or half rotations.

• Stroke Stabilization

Combine standard Stabilization with Procreate’s new Motion Filtering for ultra smooth and stable stroke creation. Set stabilization app-wide in Actions > Prefs > Pressure and Smoothing, or apply to individual brushes in Brush Studio under the Stabilisation tab.

• Page Assist

To help you view your layers as pages - turn on Page Assist in Actions -> Canvas. Ideal for creating storyboards, comics, books or use it as a sketchbook. Great with new PDF Import.

• Recent Brushes

Your last eight recently used brushes are now saved at the top of the Brush Library in Recent. Pin your favorites so they are always there and ready to use.

• Brush Size Memory

Save up to four marks on every brush, with individual settings across Paint, Smudge and Erase. You can remember your opacity settings too. Tap the + button in the Brush size or opacity preview, and then tap or flick to the mark it creates.

• Improved Adjustments

With Layer and Pencil options always available to switch between; you can apply an effect to the entire layer, then retouch with Apple Pencil at any time.

• New Color Cards

Supersize your Palette’s swatches by switching to Color Cards. Colors are automatically named by shade and color, or customize the name of all your favorite go-to colors.

• Larger Text

Increase or decrease the size of Procreate’s text to your liking. Increase the Dynamic Type size beyond 66%, then press-and-hold any button other than those in the top UI to display an easy-to-read pop-up panel.

• Single Touch Gestures

Use a single touch to move, zoom, undo, redo and rotate your canvas, or fit to canvas without needing to pinch. You can toggle this toolbar on in iPad Settings > Procreate5.2 > Gesture Assistance - Single Touch.

Procreate® 5.2 also introduces:

- New Hindi, Polish and Thai localized language support

- Color Naming Notifications

- VoiceOver Support

- Feedback sounds

- Customizable Onion Skin colors

- Color History on iPads with screens 10.2” or larger

What’s New:

- Support for iPad mini 6 and iPad 9

- Major changes to 3D Transform

- Layer masks and solo in 3D

- Improved insert photo/image in 3D

Here's the link to my video about Procreate 5.2:


High quality brushes for Procreate

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