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Hi guys! Here is the free brush from the YouTube short video.

Download the brush here and install it

How to install

  1. Click the link

  2. Tap on the 3 dots (...) icon in the top right

  3. Select "Open in"

  4. Choose Procreate

I hope you enjoy the brush and I would love to see what you guys draw with it.

- Thorgeir

Art and Design

In my Paperlike Review video (See below) I mentioned that you could download this wallpaper for free.

Click on the Land of Ice and Fire wallpaper below and save it to your device. Then open this image in your Photos app and set it as your wallpaper. For more information about how you can use this image, see below.

Terms of use

Feel free to download this image to use for personal use (e.g., use as wallpaper on your iPad, Phone, etc...). Any commercial use of this image is prohibited unless with consent from me -

How to create dynamic repeating pattern using symbols in Affinity Designer on iPad Pro. It's a really interesting feature.


High quality brushes for Procreate

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