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In this video I demonstrate the difference between Procreate and Affinity designer on iPad Pro. These are very different iPad apps that have some very great functionality. I feel like Procreate runs better on my 1st generation iPad. Affinity Designer seems to use more resources to run. Maybe it's because my iPad Pro is having problems, maybe not.

Welcome to this Beginners Guide to Affinity designer on iPad. This video should help you get started using Affinity Designer. The main focus of this video is to cover as much as possible in as little time as possible. I had originally aimed at doing a 10 minute video, but I felt it left out way to much vital information, so 28 minutes it ended up being.

▶ Learn how to use Procreate 5. This Procreate Tutorial dives into the features and tools in Procreate 5. If you want to learn more about Procreate, then please subscribe and check out the other videos on my channel:


High quality brushes for Procreate

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