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Unleash your creativity with the Iceland Procreate brushes. These brushes use the dual-texture engine of Procreate to give you unparalleled flexibility to add natural textures to your art, inspired by the Icelandic nature.

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Inspired by Icelandic nature

Painted textures in Procreate have never been more realistic, get the Iceland brushes today




Black beach




My childhood hometown, Bolungarvík

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Use Procreate's state-of-the-art brush engine to dynamically change brush textures using your pencil pressure. This allows you to fill in backgrounds and use textures to bring the genuine nature of Iceland into your designs. 

Use Pressure to Change Textures

Each brush reacts to the pressure of your Apple Pencil, so different pressures will create different effects. You can use this so there’s never a repeating area, and your artwork looks natural. 

Iceland brushes for Procreate

Make your photos look more realistic using these 12 professional Photoshop brushes. Each brush has a dual texture that can be changed by pressing lightly or firmly.



We based this brush on the ancient volcanic rocks from Iceland’s oldest mountains. Scratch up the surface of your digital canvas with an authentic Berg texture. Use this natural brush for any background or foreground design.

Mountain Rocks
This mountain rock texture creates a texture of naturally placed rocks. It’s perfect for turning any background into a grunge style, and even better for natural landscape designs. 

Mountain Moss
A unique greenery design based on the famous Iceland moss that grows in the Northern mountains. This texture gives you an authentic style by adding layers of greenery and nature to your artwork. 

Get ready to lift your designs off the screen with the enormous boulders of Iceland’s mountain bases. The realistic large rocky design adds an authentic mountain texture to your landscapes. This texture is perfect to add a quick and easy grunge look to your designs.

Lava Rocks
Flowing directly from the majestic ice-covered lava-filled Icelandic volcanoes. This brush lands on your iPad to give you a melting rock texture. Great for your fiery designs. Get creative with this hot brush texture and use it for all types of artwork and styles. 

There is an endless list of rivers in Iceland, flowing from mountain peaks and slow stumbling glaciers. This texture brings the flowing natural rivers into your artwork and gives you another gorgeous overlay texture to use. Use for watery designs, natural background landscapes, or get creative and see where else you can apply it. 

Maybe Marble
One of our favourite all-purpose backgrounds designed from natural Iceland marble. Get creative with this texture because it works everywhere to bring a natural, unique design to your art.

Rocky River
This brush gives you a sleek combination of rocks and rivers. Imagine Iceland’s flowing river rapids crashing into rocks as it hurtles down the stream. Now lift up your Apple Pencil and draw this natural wonder right into your designs. If you need a natural feel with grunge, water and rock all rolled up into one, this is it.

Winter Glass
Winter Glass brings Iceland’s cracking glaciers right to your digital canvas. Give your backgrounds a cracked and scratched natural glass feel or use it as a creative grunge design with infinite possibilities. 

How to Use with Light and Dark Backgrounds

The pack comes with two brush sets with light and dark labels. We designed the light brushes for use with bright backgrounds, and the dark brushes for dark backgrounds.

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How To Install

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Iceland Brushes
for Procreate

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