Impossible Brushes for Procreate

Hey Guys!

I created a video explaining the Impossible Brush Pack. Or well.. I at least tried my best to explain.. These brushes have a mind of their own as you can see in this video.

Art Competition 🏆

My favorite part of creating brush packs is seeing what the Art and Design community does with the brushes. I would love to see more of what you create so I decided to host a contest


The winner will receive a 200$ Amazon gift card. All you have to do to participate is:

  1. Subscribe to Art and Design on YouTube

  2. Draw or create something using the Impossible Brush Pack and post to Instagram using the #impossiblebrushes

  3. Deadline: Submit your art before December 1st 2021

November Sale!

The Impossible Brush Pack will be on 20% discount until December 1st

Affiliate Program

If you have a following and would like to gain commission for selling the impossible brushes. Then you can sign up using the button below and gain 20% of every sale of the impossible brush for people using your link.

How to Install Brushes from Gumroad