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Character Design Mini-Series Pt. 1 - Gesture, Silhouette, Form

Creator channel

In this informative video series by Marco Bucci, beginners and aspiring illustrators can dive into the exciting world of character design illustration. Starting with the basics, the creator shows how to breathe life into characters using gesture drawing, silhouette work, and an understanding of form and anatomy. Marco’s approachable and detailed guidance makes learning both engaging and effective. Whether you’re looking to create imposing characters like Vladimir or refine your illustration skills, this series is packed with invaluable lessons, including how to present your work professionally using Wix. You don’t have to be a web designer to create a stunning online portfolio; get started at Check out Marco's website for more insights and join the art challenge on his Discord to practice along with the community. This series is perfect for beginners hoping to make their mark in character design illustration. Dive in and start crafting characters that leap off the page!


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