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Character Design Tips for Beginners | Brainstorming Ideas

Creator channel

Sharing my process of brainstorming new ideas and exploring them for character design. I'll sketch and design my own character using ink and watercolor, taking you on the journey with helpful tips and tricks. Time to find those ideas!

Holbein Artists Watercolors (24 set)

other watercolor paint colors Miyazaki recommends

Watercolor Sketchbook
(I am trying a new watercolor sketchbook soon that may be better with smoother paper. This one is little bumpy for ink work)

Watercolor brush -- Namura large brush (Amazon has it but little expensive)

G-Pen nib
nib Holder
Carbon Ink

Mechanical Pencil
Lead (the brand I use is "Uni Color 0.5")

music by Epidemic Sound


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