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Figma Tutorial for Beginners: Complete Website from Start to Finish

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In this video by Payton Clark Smith, you'll learn the fundamentals of using Figma to redesign a landing page from start to finish. Perfect for beginners, this comprehensive Figma tutorial covers essential tools and features, guiding you through practical steps such as creating frames, adding text blocks, and working with shapes and layers.

Payton Clark Smith shows how to use grids, text alignment, and color matching to create a professional-looking website. This video not only teaches the basics but also offers insights on practical applications, encouraging viewers to practice designing by following along with real-world examples.

Whether you're new to Figma or need a refresher, this tutorial offers valuable guidance to help you master the basics and start creating your own stunning designs. Don't miss out on downloading the Figma file and exploring additional resources linked below to further enhance your design skills.

Download the Figma File:

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