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How to Become a Video Editor in 2024 (Step by Step Guide for Beginners) | Ishan Sharma

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Become a Freelance Video Editor in 2024:

Davinci resolve short tutorial:
Davinci resolve in-depth tutorial:
Sound effects by Peter McKinnon :

Learn About Color Grading & LUTs:

After Effects Tutorial:

VN Video Editor Short Tutorial:

How To Become A Freelance Video Editor in 2023 (in 60 DAYS):

Kickstart your editing career:
Editing mistakes to avoid:
Great advice on how to start video editing:

How to edit a talking head video:

YT Jobs:
Get your domain name on namecheap
Make a portfolio on Notion, Contra, Fueler, Refrens, Behance, or Vimeo

AI Video Editing tools:
Runway ML:

Da Vinci Resolve:

VN video editor:

Envato Elements:


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00:00 Why Video Editing
04:40 The Types of Videos
07:10 Best Video Editing Tool for Phone
09:04 Best Video Editing Software
11:50 Best AI Tools for Video Editing
12:57 Video Editing Tutorial for Beginners
13:24 Creating a Project in Video Editing
14:36 Importing Media in Video Editing
15:27 Video Editing Tutorial for Beginners
17:03 Cuts in Video Editing
19:18 Transitions in Video Editing
21:55 Text in Video Editing
24:29 Pictures & Videos in Video Editing
25:57 AI Tools for Pictures & Videos
26:44 Best Website for Icons
27:43 Video Editing Psychology
29:28 Effects & Animations in After Effects
32:45 How to Edit Videos like Ali Abdaal
35:50 MOGRT Files for Premiere Pro
38:52 How to Become a Better Video Editor
39:38 Sound Design in Video Editing
43:17 Color Correction in Video Editing
44:32 Color Grading & LUTs in Video Editing
46:00 Storytelling in Video Editing
47:54 How to Edit Videos Faster
50:11 How to Find Clients
53:10 How to Create a Video Editing Portfolio
57:44 Video Editing Case Study
58:50 Video Editing Mistakes
01:00:18 Outro

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