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How To Draw A Magical Moth in Procreate • Digital Art Tutorial

In this video by Genevieve's Design Studio, learn how to draw a stunning folk art-inspired moth using Procreate on your iPad. This easy-to-follow digital art tutorial covers everything from setting up your canvas to adding intricate details and textures to bring your moth illustration to life. Genevieve’s step-by-step instructions make mastering the Procreate tools simple, even for beginners. Whether you want to design an eye-catching piece for prints, apparel, or phone cases, this tutorial provides the foundational skills you need.

Discover unique techniques such as using symmetry guides, applying textures with clipping masks, and creating dynamic lighting effects to add depth to your artwork. Perfect for illustrators and artists looking to expand their digital skills with Procreate.

Grab your iPad and Apple Pencil, and draw along with Genevieve to create your own magical moth illustration today!

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Believe me, you can draw this moth!
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How To Draw A Magical Moth in Procreate • Digital Art Tutorial

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