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How to DRAW FACES - In your own Style [Front + Sideview] | DrawlikeaSir

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Wondering how to start drawing realistic faces? 'How to Draw Faces for Beginners,' presented by Draw like a Sir, offers a clear and concise tutorial on mastering the art of drawing human faces. In this video, you will learn how to sketch head proportions and how to draw a face from both front and side views. Draw like a Sir keeps it beginner-friendly and invites you to draw along, making it approachable for everyone. This detailed tutorial not only provides step-by-step guidance but also shares essential tips to enhance your drawing skills. Whether you are new to drawing or looking to improve your face drawing techniques, this engaging video tutorial has got you covered. Make sure to check out all art supplies used in this tutorial at for the best experience. Get your sketchbook ready and start your artistic journey with confidence!


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