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How to Shoot Landscape Film Photography - Composition

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Sign up here: How do you up your game in film photography? Up your composition! In this video I give a few ways to help compose your film photos for landscapes better and show you some of my shots from my recent trip to the mountains. This video was so fun to make so please consider subscribing if you want to see more!

You can check out the last video I did talking about what gear I took on the trip here:


-Film Camera of Choice: Mamiya 645 pro
-Film of choice: Portra 400 usually. Portra 800 on this trip.
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-Camera Bag:
-ND Filter (for bright sun):
-Digital Camera for YouTube:
-Zoom lens for Sony:
-Favorite lens for YouTube:
-Favorite lens for Sony 55mm:
-My go to microphone:
-On camera microphone:
-Favorite drone:
-Favorite drone with accessories:
-Drone ND filters:
-Favorite Gimbal:
-SD card holder:
-Camera Strap:
-Camera Clips:
-Camera Anchors:

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