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PROCREATE TIPS You can try to Speed Up Your Workflow & illustration process

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In this short tutorial I'm showing some Procreate tips and shortcuts I use daily as a freelance illustrator for personal and client work. They help me a lot to make my illustration workflow faster and get a more professional look in my artwork. Plus some other cool tricks I learned in the past two years using Procreate as a freelance illustrator. Let me know in the comments below if you have any extra one or if this was helpful

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This 10 Procreate tips are the ones I use in every illustration including my client work. Like how to better use procreate color drop threshold to help you color within lines, how to move many layers into a new canvas or how to use reference layers and alpha lock. They helped me a lot to work faster, organize my illustration workflow better, and improve significantly the quality of my work. So I thought of sharing!

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