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Tips for Drawing Backgrounds!

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In this instructional video by BaM Animation, step into the world of storyboarding illustration designed for beginners. Brent and Max, the creators behind BaM, guide viewers through essential techniques for drawing engaging backgrounds, critical for effective storytelling in animation. From the basics of perspective and composition to practical tips on staging, this video covers crucial fundamentals while demonstrating their application through various exercises, including a simple background exercise, and more complex scenes like a donut shop and a fantasy village.

Utilizing assets like the Disney Comic Guide, BaM Animation leads you through industry-standard practices to enhance your background designs. Whether you're an aspiring animator or a seasoned artist looking to brush up on your skills, this video is packed with valuable insights. Enhance your animation background art by applying these techniques and visual examples provided by Brent and Max.

Watch now and transform your static drawings into storytelling pieces with confidence and creativity! For additional resources, visit the provided links:
Perspective Video:
Background Template:
Disney Comic Guide:

Share what you've learned or ask for advice in the community tab on our site, and embark on this colorful journey with Paint Coach by your side.


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