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Animation Basics in 14 Minutes (6 Big ideas for beginners)

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Welcome to Animation for Anyone. In this first class, we dive headfirst into six of the big ideas behind animation and how to start thinking about them together.

A note on software:
We don't touch on software in this class because I believe there are already lots of great tutorials out there but if you're interested in low cost options to get started there are a few that come to mind- Blender is a free 3D package and includes a "Grease Pencil" mode if you're interested in learning 2D animation. Procreate on IOS is inexpensive and has new animation features (simply turn on Animation Assist in the canvas menu). Adobe Creative Cloud suite is certainly not "low cost" but some of you may have access to it for other uses. If that is the case Photoshop and Animate CC both offer powerful animation tools and will be included in your Creative Cloud Membership. I have an in depth, but quite old tutorial for using Photoshop as animation tool here


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