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Become An EFFICIENT Graphic Designer! (Important Things You Need To Know)

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This video by Satori Graphics introduces beginners to the world of graphic design, outlining essential steps to start and thrive in the industry. If you've ever been puzzled about how to start your journey as a graphic designer or how to improve your skills, this comprehensive guide covers everything from nurturing your passion to applying principles of design, mastering software, learning from professionals, and tackling real-world briefs.

The creator shows the importance of having a deep-seated passion for design, understanding and applying the fundamental principles of design like contrast, balance, and hierarchy, and becoming proficient in various graphic design software. Additionally, viewers will learn the significance of studying professional designs and deconstructing them to understand the application of principles in practice.

For those struggling to find clients or projects, the video gives tips on participating in design competitions or working with mock briefs, which are essential for applying learned skills. Also, highlighted is the sponsored segment which offers a free domain name for your portfolio, making it easier for you to showcase your work professionally.

Watch this video to kickstart your graphic design career with essential knowledge and best practices outlined by Satori Graphics. Don’t forget to check out the links in the description for more resources and mock brief websites: and dive deeper into the fascinating world of design with other recommended videos like 'Will AI Take Over Graphic Design?' at Share what you learned from this in the community tab on our site and start designing your future today!


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