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Create Art Collectors Want to Buy

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Elli Milan is a professional artist with over 20 years of experience selling her paintings. Throughout her career, Elli has developed a system to create artwork that's authentic to the artist's voice but will still be desirable to art collectors. Elli shows in this free workshop practical tips and tricks to create beautiful artwork that any person will want on their walls.

Ready to take your art career to the next level? Your art career starts here:

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Interested in more epic tales from Elli Milan? Join the Artist Odyssey Community! Visit and subscribe to her weekly digest of worthwhile inspiration and heart-lifting reflections as she shares her insights as a successful artist, author, educator, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker.

Catch all seasons of the inspiring Light Movement podcast where professional artists discuss topics designed to elevate your art to another level with this exciting art podcast.

Watch artists create art from start to finish in our brand new series Start to Finish:

Whether you want to dive into art history, discuss current artist topics, or create beautiful art yourself, Milan Art Institute is the community you’ve been looking for.

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