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How To Paint An Ocean Sunset Oil Painting // Seascape Painting // Intermediate

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In this engaging oil painting tutorial, Amber Emmi guides beginners through the beautiful process of creating an orange ocean sunset painting. Throughout the video, Amber shares invaluable tips on selecting the right materials, including brushes and mediums, and offers a smart hack of using a cheap makeup brush as a blending tool. She goes step-by-step through color mixing, emphasizing the importance of getting the right hues to avoid muddy colors, especially when painting the vibrant skies and reflective waters of a sunset scene.

Amber makes oil painting accessible by suggesting alternatives for materials you might not have on hand and provides a detailed demonstration of techniques such as blending, detailing clouds, and creating depth in the waves. This tutorial is perfect for those who have a basic understanding of oil paint and are looking to improve their skills in creating realistic landscape scenes.

For additional resources and the complete list of materials used, don't forget to check the links in the description. Share what you've learned from this in the community tab on our site and join a community of budding artists just like you


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