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OCEAN OIL PAINTING TUTORIAL- Beginner / Intermediate // how to paint realistic water

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In this engaging tutorial by Amber Emmi, beginners are welcomed into the world of oil painting with a detailed guide on creating a captivating ocean scene. Using a straightforward palette of just three colors—lamp black, titanium white, and indigo blue—Amber demonstrates the process of mixing colors, outlining wave shapes, and adding details and highlights to bring the painting to life. Practical tips on using a round canvas, incorporating a medium to ease paint application, and suggestions for sourcing reference images are provided to ensure you have all the tools needed to start your artistic journey. From mixing the perfect hues to the final touches with titanium white, this video is packed with invaluable techniques and insights, ensuring that even those new to oil painting can achieve beautiful results. Whether you're looking to recreate this specific ocean scene or apply the techniques to your own creative projects, Amber's tutorial is an excellent starting point. All materials used in the tutorial are listed for easy reference, inviting you to follow along at your own pace. Don't miss the opportunity to transform your oil painting skills with this must-watch tutorial; your next masterpiece awaits!

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Join Amber in this beginner-friendly journey into oil painting and unlock the secrets to creating stunning ocean landscapes. Your path to mastering the art form begins here!


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