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Procreate Dreams: Complete iPad Guide!

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Dive into the world of Procreate Dreams and discover the endless possibilities for animation on your iPad. Join me, Circuit, with over six years of experience teaching Procreate on YouTube, as we explore the innovative features of Procreate Dreams. From 2D animation to expressive video storytelling, Procreate Dreams is set to revolutionize your creative workflow.

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🖌️ About My Gear:
• iPad Pro 2023 12.9 inch
• Apple Pencil 2
• Pen Tips accessories

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Time Codes:
00:00 - Introduction to Procreate Dreams
00:23 - Exploring the User Interface
00:48 - Understanding the Action Button & Keyframes
01:08 - Track Options
02:05 - Live Filters & Editing Techniques
03:04 - Gestures in Procreate Dreams
04:07 - Timeline Gestures & Features
04:27 - Introduction to Flipbook & Drawing Mode
04:52 - Using Flipbook for Traditional Animation
05:13 - Mastering Onion Skin for Smooth Animations
05:35 - Importing Procreate Art into Dreams
06:00 - Learning from Aaron Blaise's Online Courses
06:38 - Track Groups for Managing Complex Animations
07:11 - Grouping & Expanding Tracks for Detailed Control
08:00 - Exploring Different Track Options
08:29 - Perform feature + Transitioning from Drawing to Keyframes
09:10 - Selecting Many Tracks, Grouping & Advanced Editing
10:00 - Utilizing Theater, Movie Settings, & States Options
11:07 - Final Thoughts and Invitation to Subscribe

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Take care, and keep creating!
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