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Story Driven Shapes: Character Design Tips with David Colman

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In this engaging lesson by David Coleman, dive into the essential skills of character design illustration for beginners. David's Doodles gives you advice on how to create a story behind your character designs. You'll learn not just to design characters that look appealing but to imbue them with a narrative essence that makes them resonate more deeply with audiences. The creator shows through practical demonstrations, using a chimp character as an example, how to make design decisions based on the character's story and personality. Whether you're just starting out in character design or looking to add depth to your creations, this video equips you with the knowledge to bring your characters to life in a more meaningful way. For those interested in furthering their skills, check out David’s course on the fundamentals of character design available on Enhance your designs and receive feedback from a community of learners by visiting Make sure to engage with the content by trying out the techniques shared and incorporate the insights into your own design process.


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