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The Basics of Oil Painting

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In this accessible and insightful video by Alpay Efe, aspiring artists are introduced to the captivating world of oil painting. The creator shows the essential materials needed to begin - from selecting the right oil paints, brushes, and surfaces to mix on, to the differences between various types of each and their practical uses.

A helpful palette recommendation for starters emphasizes investing in quality materials without breaking the bank. Furthermore, Alpay demystifies concerns about toxicity and offers safer alternatives for health-conscious artists. Although the video lacks in-depth practical demonstrations, it's a wonderful starting point for beginners wanting to grasp the basics of oil painting.

Links from creator:
Ivory black:
Yellow Ochre:
Cadmium Red light:
Titanium White:
Ultramarine blue:

Safflower oil:

Whether you're taking your first steps into oil painting or looking to solidify your foundational knowledge, this video offers essential insights and encouragement. Share what you've learned and your creations in the community tab on our site to inspire and be inspired by fellow artists.


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