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UX Tea Break: UX and Psychology

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In this insightful video by David Travis, we delve into the fascinating intersection of UX design and psychology. Travis, armed with a rich background in psychology, answers a pivotal question from a student about the value of studying psychology alongside working in UX. He highlights why experimental psychology is a superpower in the UX field, teaching us how to design experiments to understand human behavior better.

This video offers unique insights into how a psychology degree can sharpen one's UX skills, emphasizing the experimental aspect of psychology as crucial for crafting effective user experiences. The creator shows why understanding human limitations like vision, attention, and memory is fundamental to acknowledging that "you're not the user" – a mantra critical to any successful UX design project.

Aside from the theoretical knowledge, Travis also discusses the practical benefits of a psychology background in UX, including enhanced job prospects in the field. This makes the video not only a guide to integrating psychology into UX work but also an invaluable career advice session for UX professionals.

While the video excels in making complex psychological concepts accessible to a broader audience, it leaves viewers longing for tangible demonstrations of these principles in practical UX scenarios. Despite this, Travis’s engaging delivery and the educational value of the content make it a must-watch for anyone looking to enrich their UX design work with psychological insights.

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