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What Oil Painting Is All About

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This informative video by Paint Coach, Chris Fornitero, a seasoned artist with roots stretching back to his early childhood in Richmond, Virginia, where he began painting before he could even walk, offers a detailed guide tailored for beginners stepping into the world of oil painting. The creator meticulously walks viewers through the essential technique of layering oil paint from thin to thick applications, an approach that promises to revolutionize how novices manage and manipulate their paint on the canvas. Delving into common beginners' issues, such as choosing the right brushes and understanding when and how to incorporate mediums like linseed oil or paint thinner, the video equips aspiring painters with the foundational skills to start their artistic journey confidently.

Chris emphasizes practical, hands-on demonstrations over theoretical knowledge, making complex concepts more digestible for beginners. Moreover, he showcases the importance of cleaning brushes correctly and explains why some mixtures turn muddy—tips that are invaluable for any budding artist. The engaging, easy-to-follow instructions are perfect for those who have struggled with getting their oil paints to 'behave.'

For a relentless stream of artistic inspiration, follow Chris on Instagram where he shares his daily creations, offering a glimpse into the life of a true painting aficionado.

Don't hesitate to check out this video, where each stroke and tip brings you closer to mastering the art of oil painting. Share what you've learned or ask for advice in the community tab on our site, and embark on this colorful journey with Paint Coach by your side.


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